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What is Guardian Roofs?


Not everyone who is considering an extension to provide ground floor living space necessarily wants a conventionally glazed conservatory roof.


An all year round comfortable environment-no matter what the weather


In winter with a “U” value as low as 0.18 you can keep out the cold, retain warmth and help cut down on heating bills in summer the roof keeps out heat from the sun and reduces harmful “UV” light to protect furnishings from fading.


Maximum Comfort and Enjoyment


The solid roof also helps minimise glare from direct sunlight – meaning you can enjoy reading a book or computer screen and comfortably watch television, films or dvd’s. Day and night time privacy is assured from overlooking properties – doing away any need for costly roof blinds. If outside noise is an issue the roof offers great protection against the sounds and noise of rain or outside living.


Great Options and Accessories


The Guardian solid roof can be specified in a number of different external and internal finishes. On the outside there is a range of different coloured tiles and designs available while the internal can be finished in a number of ways including plaster, timber and pvc panelling. If maximum light is required the roof can be specified to include opening roof windows while internally primary lighting is available from easily fitted down lights.


Long Life Peace of Mind


Although fully bespoke off site advance fabrication offers long term performance assurance aided by a 40 year roof tile guarantee.