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Your choice of conservatory roof is extremely important.

With a choice of glass or polycarbonate you'll be able to find an option that suits you perfectly.



Our range of Low E, self-cleaning and solar control glasses are the perfect choice for customers looking for the ultimate solutions.

A glass roof dramatically improves the views from within your new conservatory, allows more natural light and instantly gives your

new conservatory that all important wow factor.


Low E glass


Low E glass has a microscopic metal coating which reflects the heat back into the room.

Double glazed units which incorporate this glass offer up to 33% better insulation than conventional

insulating glass units, therefore keeping your home warmer and reducing heating bills.


Self-cleaning glass


A revolutionary self-cleaning coating can be applied to glass as part of the manufacturing process,

which means that it is fused to the surface of the glass and therefore lasts the lifetime of the pane.

The coating uses the rain and natural light from the sun to efficiently combat the dirt and grime that

accumulates on the outside of the window. By reducing the need for manual cleaning it provides the ideal

solution for keeping those dangerous or hard to reach areas clean, leaving you more time to relax and

enjoy your conservatory.

How does it work? There are two processes. Firstly, the special coating harnesses the natural daylight

which triggers the breakdown of the dirt and grime on the outside of the glass and secondly, when

rainwater hits the glass, rather than forming droplets, it flattens and spreads out across the surface of the

glass helping to wash away the dirt and grime. This sheeting effect also minimises spots and streaks by

helping to dry more quickly and evenly.


A permanent self-cleaning coating that lasts the lifetime of the windows.


Perfect for areas that are hard to clean.


Glass stays cleaner for longer.


Less dirt and grime adheres to the window, so any cleaning is quick and easy.


Reduced window cleaning bills.


Less frequent use of cleaning materials, so kinder on the environment.


Available in a range of tint colours.


Solar control glass


Solar control glass can be used on our conservatory roofs to help prevent the build up of heat during the hot summer months.

The coating on the glass helps reflect the heat from the sun back to the outside of the conservatory giving you a more 

comfortable and usable living space. The glass is available in a range of tints which allows the glass to absorb more heat, whilst the coating reflects the heat back to the outside.


Tinted to absorb heat


Coated to reflect heat back outside


Tint and coating together absorbs and reflects heat for maximum comfort


Eliminates the need for expensive window dressing


Reduced fading of carpets and furnature